2012 Vespa LX 150 I.e.

My New Product Line Shop: Shop: Shop:+t-shirts This is a used 2007 (also current model) Vespa LX150 Scooter. My wife and I go touring in our motor home and we take the Piaggio with us on a bike rack on the back, we have just come back from Spain where we spent 7 months there, during that time we did over 7000 kilometres on our Piaggio and although this scooter was is not built for touring we found that 150 mile round trip was quite bearable, once you got acclimatised to it, it performed very well with two up, with an amazing 73mpg, not bad for two 12 stone heavyweights on, and one Yorkshire Terrier in the top box, Just had to take it easy on the bends, I must take my hat off to Piaggio, it performed far better that I was led to believe.

This scooter was originally the 60th anniversary edition of the LX, but was popular enough to become a regular member of Vespa's line. If you do then get out there and test ride the LX 150, it's simply an all round solid modern scooter. Vespa ET2 50cc, 1997 - Same as the ET4 125, but with a 50cc 2-stroke catalysed engine.

Available in two paint schemes, aviator gray and Portofino, the LXV has a steel frame and monocoque; unlike other scooter manufacturers, which use plastic bodywork to minimize weight and improve mileage, Vespa still uses the pressed steel chassis the company windscreen began with back in 1947.

Available in three colours - Midnight Blue, Rossa Chianti (maroon) and Beige (shown here) - the Vespa LXV 150 3V has a basic selling price of RM11,658. The Vespa LX125 isn't a sporty machine, and it has tiny wheels, so the chassis is suited to sedate commuting only - throwing it around an abusing it ties it in knots.

I was actually surprised at how fast I got in such a short amount of time considering the Vespa looked like a slow ride due to the design. This model is for Vespa enthusiasts who love a more classic looking Vespa with advanced technology packed into the bike,” said Nik Danial Nik Mahmood, VP of Naza Two Wheels Division.

Initially a one-off, the LXV was a special anniversary edition commemorating 60 years of Italian scooter production; it was an immediate hit and became part of the company's standard LX line. The LX is available in 4 engine sizes: 50cc 2 stroke, 50cc 4 stroke, 125cc and 150cc four stroke.

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